Wheelchair Arm Exercises *** http://www.new-weightloss-diets.com/pedex

By | June 14, 2018


Wheelchair Arm Exercises

From http://famouspt.com/” Famous” Physical Therapists, Bob Schrupp as well as Brad Heineck, demonstrate a fantastic workout for upper body enhancing while in a wheelchair. Assists with reinforcing for simpler transfers as well as better overall health and wellness and also fitness.

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3 thoughts on “Wheelchair Arm Exercises *** http://www.new-weightloss-diets.com/pedex

  1. Lynel Johnson

    Thanks for these videos! I found you when I went looking for videos to help my folks (74 & 86) here in MN. We are tracking exercises on paper (accountability), and I expect they'll get stronger & less achy. They are excited!! Thanks for your encouragement & perfect amount of joking around 🙂 Go Vikes!

  2. Phoenix Caladrius

    @Demonsoulslayer – well, if you want to change something you have to start SOMEWHERE. Since the first level was waving one's arms around without holding anything, it seems a reasonable place for most people, since one can always start with fewer reps (even 1 or 2) and work up, even if one needs an attendant's help at first. I know I got schooled. Either these exercises are much harder than they seem like they would be, or I'm way more out of shape than I thought. Either is possible. (shrug) I was fine with just moving my arms, but once an item was being held it got WAY more challenging. As I try to keep my backside from outgrowing my wheelchair, I've learned one thing: exercising doesn't have to be a 30-45 minute trip to the gym, like we've all been conditioned to think. I can do one set of 10 rom twists from yoga, wait a few hours, do 15 reps of one of the exercises above, wait an hour, do another exercise. Sure, you don't get as much aerobic benefit – but it only takes a few minutes and allows me to better judge how much energy I'm using, because I get exhausted ridiculously easily. I don't know about going to the gym, but once I get to where I can do these with weights on I think I'll be ready to look into light hand weights or a kettlebell. I'm really glad I found this.

  3. Demonsoulslayer

    If you can do those things you can get a friend and go to a gym and get some real cardio and workouts going..just my opinion (paralyzed 26yrs)


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