Vegetarian BBQ food ideas for the summer Back to School Lunch Ideas: Gluten Free Veggie Pasta Salad

By | September 24, 2016

With summer season close to the corner we will soon be getting into the time for barbeque foodstuff. Your weather may be unpredictable and at times wild but this does not quit a eager barbeque-lover who will even huddle under the shelter of a flimsy gazebo in the pouring rain even though planning foods. There are countless recipes for meat-based barbeque food but many folks get trapped for tips when it will come to vegetarian barbeque food. Below are a few ideas that can make a excellent addition to any barbeque or a tasty vegetarian option for close friends and family.

Vegetable kebabs – skewer mushrooms, peppers, courgette, cherry tomatoes and halloumi cheese before marinating in a sweet chilli sauce and cooking on the barbeque. These make a genuinely tasty different to meat kebabs and are appropriate for vegans also if you go away out the cheese.

Corn on the cob – this calls for little or no preparation. Merely pop them on a hot barbeque and hold out until they are slightly charred. Go over in butter before serving for a genuinely tasty snack or facet dish.

Halloumi cheese – this Greek cheese is greatest served grilled and as a result makes a best addition to any barbeque. You can either provide as a aspect dish or add this delightful salty cheese to your burger.

Bananas and chocolate – this is a excellent desert that can very easily be cooked on the barbeque. Merely spot a banana in excess of the heat even though it is even now in its pores and skin. Soon after a couple of minutes slice open up one particular side and stuff with tiny squares of chocolate just before returning to the warmth until it is gentle and melted.

Lentil burgers and sausages – there are lots of completely ready-made vegetarian burgers and sausages you can choose from in your regional grocery store but if you have time it is exciting to make your personal. You will find several recipes on the web and it is also feasible to experiment with your very own elements. Normally it is a very good thought to use lentils or beans with breadcrumbs and an egg to bind every little thing. The rest is up to you. Some supermarkets also stock a sausage mix to which you can incorporate drinking water and any other ingredients you extravagant these kinds of as apple and mushrooms.

Sweet potato – once more this is truly easy to prepare. Just peel and minimize the potato into slices just before coating with a minor oil and cooking on the barbeque.

Keep in mind to compliment your barbequed foods with plenty of fresh salad, bread buns and a choice of condiments. You could even make your possess salsa or sweet chilli sauce.


There will be a wide selection of BBQ food at your regional grocery store and you will find more ideas and recipes for vegetarian barbeque foods on-line.

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