One-Pan Baked Ziti — A Miracle!

By | September 1, 2017

One-Pan Baked Ziti — A Miracle!

This one-pan baked ziti recipe has the added bonus of being a one-pot wonder: after you crush the tomatoes with a potato masher (or whisk or spoon), you add the dried pasta and water directly into the pan and simmer everything together until the pasta is cooked and the liquid has evaporated. In just about five minutes, your one-pan, no-fuss baked ziti is done: crisp noodles, melty cheese, bubbly sauce. //

I spent last weekend in Southern California, which left me asking many questions, namely: Why don’t I live there? And how might I live there? And am I too old to wear a trucker hat? And how is one supposed to be productive, with distractions at every turn? Surfing at sunrise? Crossfit at noon? Poached egg–and-avocado-toast brunch somewhere in between? I returned home thinking about which memorable dish from the trip I might try to recreate first: Baja fish tacos? Toast with cucumbers, labneh, and za’atar? Mint mojito iced coffee?

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