Mini Exercise Bikes from Zest Home Fitness

By | February 8, 2018

Introducing Mini Exercise Bikes from –
The EASY way to keep fit every day…in the comfort of your own home!
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Device Reviewed is Cardio Mini Cycle by Marcy

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27 thoughts on “Mini Exercise Bikes from Zest Home Fitness

  1. DaBoomShakaLuka Post author

    0:13 that woman is worried about putting on weight? She's got a slammin body and a bodacious rack!

  2. Ian Ray Keane Post author

    One of the most important factors for me is the kind of noise an exerciser makes. Thanks to the music instead of a live sound track, this was not helpful to me.

  3. NoName Jane Post author

    This is a completely useless video — you don't show the fundamental differences, pros & cons between motorized and non-motorized. COMPLETE FAIL.

  4. ExerciseBikesFit Post author

    Adjust intensity with twist of a dial; built-in LCD screen displays distance, time, calories burned and total reps
    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to1fl6VeP

  5. Andriy Sokovich Post author

    Hi! I'm Lauren.I did -35 lbs in two months.Go to

  6. Travis Welton Post author

    Dude you are awesome! great video thanks for saving me some money.

  7. fyom Post author

    Been using a DeskCycle in front of my weight bench (like a recumbent cycle). Super smooth and quiet magnetic resistance plus excellent build quality.

  8. Scotland HasMyHeart Post author

    Your hilarious! You just earned a sub!Did you find another brand of these stationary pedals that works better? I want one that works GREAT!

  9. jackie Suleiman Post author

    You man are good, you made my day while watching this video, allow me to be a fan 😊😊😊

  10. MASKMURDERER 21 Post author

    I got a real deal with gold gym price 27.63 with monitor and it folds

  11. papaGhurka Post author

    I knew that thing was gonna slip. Thanks for the honesty. Thumbs up.

  12. retrodog63 Post author

    Thanks for posting an actual review, as opposed to all the phony reviews by others with no actual information. The slippage thing is a major problem. And the cheap ones like this have no adequate way of creating a realistic resistance. Need the fan type (not available in the small format) or the magnetic, and they cost at least twice the price for a decent one.

    As others have stated, put it up against a wall to stop the slipping, or build a little board with a stop on it, that sits under your seat and reaches to the back side of the exerciser.

  13. donna wanna Post author

    I don't need to lose weight, but my knees are failing me. That's pretty much the only thing this is good for. Just ordered one.

  14. DavesWorld Post author

    Saw this at Dicks and it looks like dicks made this f#ckin thing.

  15. ShabzAyman Imran Post author

    you must use rubber mat when u use this equipment .

  16. TwoOrangeSlices Post author

    Haha – great review!
    I found a similar one at Salvation Army for $5. Nice rubberized feet! I use mine on and off all day long while I work at home on my computer, so it's better than sitting still. I did a little googling and apparently I could burn around 400 calories per hour if I went at a decent pace (sometimes I do, like while I watched your review :)) . The tension sucks, but that's actually good for me – I'm not at a point yet where I want to build muscles in my thighs. I'll still get in a good cardio workout a few times a week, but this should help burn extra calories in the long run.


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