Mini Exercise Bike – Testing Mini Exercise Bicycle Under Desk – Part 2 – Sunny Health & Fitness***

By | February 9, 2018

Mini Stationary Bicycle Tiny exercise bicycles are the most effective options for portable cardiovascular physical fitness equipment. Whether you are obtaining fit, working to slim down, or implementing rehab, small exercise bikes are light-weight, stable and also sensible. Also the most costly mini work out bike is more economical than a single item of business cardiovascular workout equipment. Mini pedal exercisers can also be utilized as an upper body ergometer. Most mini bikes include pedals function as handles having indentions on them that shape to your hands.

11 thoughts on “Mini Exercise Bike – Testing Mini Exercise Bicycle Under Desk – Part 2 – Sunny Health & Fitness***

  1. jfs1988

    Are these mini cycles just for blood circulation? I bought a Gold's Gym/Stamina fold up cycle at Walmart the other day. I use it for my legs for 20 minutes and 10 minutes for my arms. I feel my heart pumping, but I don't sweat.

    This is artificial exercise, but its better than none.

  2. bltcrunchy

    It seems the arms are too short. Thanks for doing the review. How about an update?

  3. John Brooks

    Found a lot of info on most Sunny bike models , at BestFitnessEQ com

  4. Pj Danita

    Great review. I purchased a different one for $20 from amazon and I've had mine for a year. It's very quiet too. Check out the video on my channel if u want to see it.

  5. chacogiel

    I wonder if the people who bought this are still using it after a few months ? Or is it like those hometrainers which end up in the garage after enthusiasm has gone down?..Isn't it difficult to perform two tasks at the same time? (typing and cycling)

  6. Ashley O'Brien

    Thanks for the video,I just bought one of these u really feel it works well on legs?

  7. indica 777

    Good review but….don't go to the links given in these comments…they are scams.

  8. ExerciseBikesFit

    Lowest pedal height available; Only 9.5 inches; Works with desks as short as 27 inches
    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to147uJ16

  9. Andriy Azarkiv

    Good day! I'm Amanda.I did -20 lbs past one month.Open


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