Intense 5 Minute At Home Leg Workout ***

By | June 3, 2018


Intense 5 Minute At Home Leg Workout

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Enjoy a lot more: Authorities Anabolic Aliens video clip of: Intense 5 Minute In Your Home Leg Exercise.

Give this intense 5 min at house leg exercise a shot! You obtain a complete leg workout without needing to leave your house. Also, this would work as a killer circuit to do at the fitness center much more toward completion of your weighted leg workout considering that it’s bodyweight only. No weights are required and yet you’ll be feeling aching prior to you also end up 1 set of this. 5 workouts, 1 minute long each. Follow in addition to the video clip if you ‘d such as, a timer is run throughout on the screen!

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13 thoughts on “Intense 5 Minute At Home Leg Workout ***

  1. Manusairsoft

    Great routines, they are so intense and easy to fit into your day 👌. But I just got one question, my legs used to be pretty good but because of exams they've just turned to pudgy fat mush 😞 will workouts like these, squats and deadlifts and so on convert that fat to muscle or do I have to run and stuff to burn the fat off? Cheers, keep making these great workout videos 👍

  2. Kinga Janiak

    Try doing a wall sit till failure after this video for the ultimate burn! Killed me!

  3. dhallmark1978

    Another amazing workout. wow hurt so bad in just 5 mins! Keep up good work!

  4. Aennen Ortiz

    This one was brutal man! I might not be able to walk around now. 🔥🔥🔥 Good one!

  5. Ken Anabo

    All your 5mins intense workouts are really effective bro. Thanks!

  6. navson muzenda

    Nice workouts Bro. I just tried them and I started feeling good half way through.😭😭


    I think you love to workout in minutes,not in counts. why??

  8. Atharva Bendre

    Hey could you please help me with this knee valgus thing? I always get frustrated when my knees bend inwards whenever I do the above given exercises… a video on fixing knee valgus at home will be much appreciated


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