How to Train Muscles for Lifting Legs Higher in Ballet : Useful Exercise Tips ***

By | July 11, 2018

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15 thoughts on “How to Train Muscles for Lifting Legs Higher in Ballet : Useful Exercise Tips ***

  1. Salty Sugar Plum

    uh… this is working the quads which is the OPPOSITE of what you do in ballet… i really hope aspiring dancers aren't watching this, they will develop all the wrong muscles

  2. siriusofcanis

    Retarded amounts of leg raises got me strong muscles to lift my leg like this in all those directions without the bar. Aftet you have the strenght you work on control and endurance cause at firts my leg would cramp the hell up.

  3. esstown

    Also…..this will not help height of leg in ballet…….plus will trigger quadriceps tendonitis, will over-bulk the quads causing difficulty down the road with many other ballet movements and positions. This is a prime example of how a pilates, or "barre-fitness" based exercise is toted as beneficial (highly fashionable nowadays) but in reality is counterproductive to ballet. The exercises shown are safe enough for the average person just wanting to tone up, however, they are unsafe to perform with the intensity used in ballet.

  4. Shanta Hsieh

    Just look for Unflexal workouts. You will find there the best workouts instructions.

  5. its me maya

    This kids, is what we dancers (who actually know ballet), call U N E D U C A T E D T E A C H I N G

  6. kyra carqanillo

    your technique is horrible. where is your turnout? leaning on the barre is D I S R E S P E C T F U L! your second position arms are wayyyy too high. uneducated teaching.

  7. Shantel Bollmann

    I know the best online workouts guides. Go to Unflexal and get the best workouts instructions.

  8. Shantay Madison

    You can check Unflexal to learn more about training your body.

  9. Misha Tukach

    just got instructions from Unflexal and I'm ready for the my training 😀

  10. Jacklyn Elizabeth

    what is this?! terrible!! no correct turnout arm in terrible positions, and please just stop with your “ballet” program


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