How To: Find Proper Bicycle Saddle Height and Setback ***

By | June 10, 2018

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Specialized Body Geometry Licensed fit professional Barrett Henson reveals exactly how to find the best saddle height to ensure that you can obtain the very best fit on your roadway or ‘go across bike.
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18 thoughts on “How To: Find Proper Bicycle Saddle Height and Setback ***

  1. JWNolte82

    KOPS is debunked nonsense. Please take this video down. Stop wasting people's time with KOPS.

  2. Peter Owens

    Reasonably clear but not so simple to implement: the angle measure is difficult unless the same instrument as that shown can be found. Also the plumb bob method to gauge saddle fore & aft seemed contrived. How come allowances were made twice for "Garelds favoured position"?

  3. tubesockets120v

    You can make your own plumb bob with any medium weight string tied to an old shoe cleat.

  4. Sead Biberovic

    My respect for this video. Because in this video we can see how to set position on the road bike, according to
    old school method 🙂

  5. Steven Bird

    I was under the impression the plumbob test doesn’t mean anything unless you measure from the centre of the knee joint, not the kneecap.

  6. Santosh Venkataraman

    Very nice video indeed. Made it nice and simple!!

  7. Katie Kookaburra

    Thank you so much for creating this video. So straightforward! Really appreciate it 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  8. Jerry Smitherson

    Bike experts: Proper fit and proper form are the most important factor when cycling.
    Chris Froome: Hold my beer.


    so its 2017 and i need to buy some two things to get my bike seat up right? sheesh, what a time to be alive, the future is now.

  10. Tadas Armonavičius

    Do these rules count for every type of bike? I have a hybrid (Romet Rambler 2)

  11. Alex Lopez

    Garret's charming smile lasts only 0.22 seconds. Deal with it.

  12. whaleronthemoon

    Ugh too long and sciency. What I got is make sure your leg is not fully straight when cycling. Another thing, unless you're in it fo the speed raise your handlebar a bit, your neck will thank you.

  13. Ramu Ramesh

    hey to grow taller when we should do exercise before or after cycling

  14. mr blatherwick

    Could we see a full frontal shot of Gerald in that little white spandex number?


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