How to Adjust a Bike Seat ***

By | June 3, 2018

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To stop injury as well as have even more power in your trip, obtain your bike seat, or saddle, in the maximum setting.

Step 1: Set test height
Stand following to your bike. Establish the seat to a height simply below your hip. This is a good height to begin making changes.

Action 2: Get aid
Have a buddy stand in front of the bike and hold the handlebars. Obtain on the seat as well as spin among the pedals its bottommost placement. With your foot on the pedal, there need to be a really small bend in your knee.

Action 3: Change
Leave the bike and also change the seat either up or down based upon the examination. Utilize an Allen wrench to loosen the screw located on the seat article clamp. When you’re done moving the seat, safely tighten the screw.

After changing the seat, make certain the seat front is straightened with the stem to ensure it’s encountering simple.

Tip 4: Retest
Remount the bike as well as retest the new seat height. Place your heel on a pedal and also rotate back. You should have the ability to finish a pedal stroke without your hips rocking. If they do, the saddle it too expensive. Adjust it to correct.

Lots of people obtain made use of to riding with the seat as well low, that makes pedaling harder. Raising the seat will make your bike really feel faster as well as lighter.

Step 5: Change saddle angle
Area a degree on the peaks of the front and rear of the saddle to ensure it’s perfectly level.

Action 6: Take place numerous examination rides
Be sensitive to stress points from your saddle on your following couple of flights. If it goes into any kind of undesirable locations, make small step-by-step adjustments to the saddle angle.

Action 7: Mark the spot
Mark your best seat elevation by using red nail gloss to the seat message just over the seat blog post clamp. If you change the height for different surface, you’ll always know where your original setting was.

Did You Know?
The first Tour de France was held on July 1, 1903, with 60 cyclists. Only 21 of them completed the almost 2,500-kilometer cross-country odyssey.

20 thoughts on “How to Adjust a Bike Seat ***

  1. Sonic Speed

    I adjust it, and the seat slides back down, even though the bolt is put back in

  2. Carmelina Katzman

    It's simple, Just go to woodprix page – and enter the Wood World.

  3. jerryy538

    my bike has quick release so it's easy to adjust although not as easy as a dropper post.
    but omg i wish i could make it so it can't rotate left or right while i'm sitting on it.
    pretty awkward when your going no hands and you turn your hips by mistake and the whole seat moves.

  4. monelle

    What is the minimum length of seat post that remain in the bike? Thanks!

  5. Esa Khan

    "if it digs into any unwanted areas" – aka your nuts

  6. Gregg Jones

    The level needs to be turned 90 degrees so it checks the level from front to back – not side to side!

  7. kl0gned

    what if an alien just arrived an turn my seat down like…… DAMNNN

  8. James Paschal

    Can someone help me find test rides? The bike shop didnt have any..

  9. Comment_User

    The reason i came here was to learn how to actually put the seat higher…

    yes i am a idiot

  10. Anita W

    I feel like there was a lot of extra unnecessary information packed into this video, but I still figured out what I wanted to know.


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