DeskCycle Review

By | February 8, 2018

DeskCycle Review

Buy the DeskCycle on Amazon

Potato Strong shows you how you can use the DeskCycle to burn calories while you’re on the computer watching YouTube videos or on the couch.

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In this video we will be taking a look at the desk cycle and doing a review on it, you can find the desk cycle here on amazon at

21 thoughts on “DeskCycle Review

  1. Patrick jose

    Hi, thanks for this video!

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how noisy can it get? I'm planning to get one and use it in the office. However, our office can get really quiet. Im scared that people might get distracted.


  2. Jessica Arnold

    I agree—even if you just get a little cycling in, it's better than nothing. Had my DeskCycle for a couple months now and find I am still using it and loving it. We reviewed it for our blog: Sometimes I find it's hard to focus really intensely while I am pedaling, but like you said, you just stop for a while and start again. And when I have this right at my feet, I always do start again eventually. Thanks for your great and helpful review!

  3. Tash

    Do you find you're still using this? I'm thinking of buying one this week…

  4. Captain Planet

    i was gonna get one of these but then i learnt about how sitting is killing us so i'm not sure about how much this will help. its better than doing nothing though. my new rule is i only sit for 3 hours max during 16 hour day. i have more energy doing this and it helps develope your entire body

  5. sn232

    Have you noticed any difference in the shape of your legs from doing this, or more weight loss? Thanks!

  6. Jack Robinson

    Are you still using the Desk Cycle? Any insight since you purchased the Desk Cycle?

  7. Michele McCarthy

    Thank you Potato Stronf for your reply. Your answer was the one I was dreading to hear. I'm not surprised by any means. Right now, my lifestyle having little ones makes it difficult to maintain a healthy diet. Now, I question purchasing the desk cycle. 🙁 I appreciate your honesty. Thanks!

  8. Michele McCarthy

    I recently bought one and waiting for it to arrive. I've done different exercises to help lose inches/weight with minimal luck. I'm hoping this desk cycle will help. Did you lose inches/weight with this cycle? If yes, how many hours/miles did you ride a day and when did you start seeing results and did you change your eating habits? Thanks in advance as I asked a lot of questions. 🙂

  9. Elizabeth Sorenti

    Hi. Have you noticed that it is harder to reach the keyboard? For example, do you have to sit farther away from the desk? … I feel like it might require a pull out keyboard tray… What do you think?

  10. Lido Lani

    I heard about DeskCycle from your interview of Dr. Greger and looked it up.  Bought one on Amazon Japan and it arrived in just one day (cheaper than buying in the US and shipping to Japan too).   I am impressed by the quality of this machine and how smooth and quiet it is.  I have a full sized exercise bike which I use daily as well as a number of bicycles (I don't drive a car), but I look forward to adding DeskCycle to the mix.  Great idea.  Thanks.

  11. Gone with the Kale

    Never heard of this thing. Does it make you sweat? Or is it just for movement purposes?

  12. Jani M

    my deskcycle was delivered 15 mins ago, I unboxed and assembled it while listening to this video and it works great. very happy.

  13. Vegan Vandal

    Thanks for this, Will. I've been watching DurianRider too and he's convinced me to give cycling a go as well but winter can be brutal and icy so I'm looking to get something like this until things warm up. Good review.

  14. Alex DeLarge

    I saw one of these devices the other day at the local fitness shop. I checked on Amazon, and it seems that there are a couple of versions of these desk-cycles, the one you have (which goes for 150+ bucks) and a cheaper one (about 30 bucks). Do you have any idea what's the difference between the two? I figured that the more expensive one is a little bigger, more stable, and probably has more parameters to regulate for resistance, but is that really it in the end? 'cause it doesn't really justify another 100+ euros if that's the case, but then again I have my suspicions about the cheap ones; too cheap to be good, if experience teaches us anything.

    So, have you heard about those cheap ones too, and if so, what made you decide to buy the more expensive ones? Money is tight for me, and I'd hate to buy a useless 30€ piece of equipment just like I'd hate to spend too much for a product that is just barely better than a much cheaper one.

    Also, I hope you can post more videos about your fitness experiences and practices, since you seem to be working on it just about the same as I'm trying to do (mostly home bodyweight workouts, and with a whole, real food diet). I enjoyed your videos (from this spring/summer) about lats and triceps a lot, and I'd like to see more of your routine and progress!

  15. Noel E

    Fuck fuck fuck fuck what the fuck fuck it fuck this fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

  16. Laura - Youtube

    Ahahahaa! This is actually a funny video! I have one of those DeskCycle Bike too. I use it under my desk, and also when I am watching TV. It does help! 🙂


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