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By | February 9, 2018

< things kind="application/x-shockwave-flash" style="size:640 px; elevation:360 px;" data ="//" >< param name="movie" worth ="//"/ > Chair Yoga exercise welcomes you to locate flexibility in such a way that is soft and also gentle yet likewise really supportive as well as useful. This 17 minute practice welcomes awareness and also stability right into the body, specifically the line of the back. Trigger the muscular tissues that aid you discover size up through the spinal column for better stance as well as power circulation. Terrific Yoga Exercise For Elders also!

Show to a pal and also allow me recognize how it drops below! Namaste.

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16 thoughts on “Chair Yoga – Yoga For Seniors | Yoga With Adriene ***

  1. aurora mata

    I am going to try this. I have osteoarthritis, very bad OA, and what I can't do sitting down, I'll do lying down on my bed.

  2. Cynthia Torres-Nusse

    Adriene, I used your 30 day True as part of my New Year's Resolution to restore the strengh to my legs because of arthritis. Now I intend to add the chair yoga video to my daily regime in the afternoon as an easy supplement. Thank you. Will watch for more sessions to add to enhance my experience.

  3. Diane Verrochi

    Having a bad knee day, so this practice was just what I needed. Thank you for including such variety in your channel.

  4. Jane P

    Great.. I have osteoarthritis and have had to give up my exercise classes because I can’t sit on the floor.. really enjoyable,

  5. Mich Stratford

    Taking a weekend break with family and away from #True I thought I'd try this out for my mum. It was a lovely interlude for me – will see how she goes with it!

  6. Connie Loftus

    Very positive and loving approach , almost like instructions from a good friend!!!


    I am a yoga instructor and I will be instructing, mostly mature adults, for the first time at a community program.  This was so helpful.  I love the cues, instruction and energy of the instructor. Thank you!

  8. C. K.

    After a recent knee sprain, I've had to be quite careful with movement practice and very mindful. I was ready to start day 8 of TRUE practice and so excited to do the 30 days but then after landing the wrong way (not yoga related at all just to clarify) I had to put yoga on hold for a while patience am i right?!

    But then I thought "there's other videos that I can use to still keep aligned with my practice" and this one was great. I also did couch potato yoga :'D Just small steps every day. But not giving up on TRUE! xx

  9. Carol Fox-White

    Great! Really helps my back and great to relax. Thank you for sharing. Namaste.

  10. Virginia Stone

    I love this video. I’m in a wheelchair and I can do everything she shows. My therapist wanted me to exercise because I now have an electric wheelchair and I found this. Thank you for helping.


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