Basic Stationary Bike Routine ***

By | July 17, 2018

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16 thoughts on “Basic Stationary Bike Routine ***

  1. matt antunovic

    I thought the peddles were for my hands. Ive been doing it all wrong for years!

  2. Nazia Zulqarnain Haider

    Sir does it work for the belly fat and how much colries will burn in 1hour cycling plzz reply I also want to buy what should I focus for buying a stationary cycles

  3. w0mbles

    You are a very good explainer, and speaker, especially since you are working out as you do it.

  4. Colin Van Der Woude

    thankyou just what I wanted and needed to see good simple instruction guide

  5. Diet Lord

    Dear friend, does a stationary exercise bicycle burns more calories than walking at a fast speed? Because I do about 40 minutes of stationary bicycle at mid level every day. I also follow a low-carb ketogenic diet

  6. joshua sanders

    i jumped on the b ike about 1 month ago went balls to the walls im a big guy lol 50 minutes down jumped off felt like my legs were wet noodles hahaha i love it now thos go for 60 minutes aday

  7. joshua sanders

    i can go on for 18 minutes and burn 105 calories so he was just dickin around


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