Alligators and Butterflies

By | June 29, 2017

Alligators and Butterflies

Oh this feeling. To finally hold something in your hand that you have worked so much with for the past year. Feeling the weight of the 260 pages, the matte paper and the debossed title on the cover. Remembering the deadline that felt impossible only a few months ago. It’s like all those alligators that have been eating us up from the inside, suddenly have become butterflies that are dancing in our chests. We did it. Another book. It’s here. And in just over a month it will start popping up in book stores.

Green Kitchen Travels is a natural extension of our first book. It has the same format, paper and feeling. But this time it is filled with recipes, photos and stories from our adventures around the world. As well as a special traveling with kids-chapter where we share thoughts and tips that we have picked up on our trips with Elsa. There are almost 100 recipes in the book and most of them are completely new. We’re hoping that you will find lots of favorites – some of ours are the Mexican Breakfast Salad, the No-Noodle Pad Thai and the Torta di Ricotta e Polenta. Oh, the Paletas (bottom photo) are pretty awesome too!

Travel cookbooks are often super inspiring to flip through but not as easy to cook from. We have kept this in mind and focused on recipes that we love and cook at home in our everyday life, using ingredients that are available in most supermarkets. The recipes are influenced by the countries we have visited, but they are in a much greater degree a reflection of us. They are based on the people we have met, the food we have tried and the ingredients we have come across and then adapted to our preferences, cooking habits and style to make our own. Almost all recipes are gluten-free (except two) and many are vegan or have tips on how to make them vegan.


We know that it was a bit confusing that the US and UK editions of our first book had different covers and titles. So this time we have made things simpler – a universal book for all english speaking countries! This way you can be sure that it’s the same book regardless of where you order it from. And it has all the measurements you need. It is published by the wonderful people at Hardie Grant London.

The release date is 15 September in UK & Australia and one week later in the US. But you can pre-order it right away! From if you live in the states, Waterstones or if you are british and Booktopia in Australia. Or on Book Depository, they ship worldwide.

There will also be a German, Dutch, Swedish and Danish edition available spring 2015. We will keep updating our book site with more information about foreign editions, book signings, contact persons etc.

Regardless of the tight deadlines and the craziness of writing a cookbook, this has been such a dreamy thing to work on. It still feels unreal that we have been able to combine two of the things that we love most – food and travel. We are so grateful for this opportunity and we owe the biggest THANK YOU to you our lovely friends and blog readers, who have followed us through the years and encouraged us to keep doing this. So we made this book for you and we are crossing all our fingers and toes that you will like it.





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