10-Minute Workout: Legs and Arms With Sadie Lincoln
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By | February 8, 2018

If you’re short on time, you need a multitasking workout. Sadie Lincoln, founder of barre3, created a quick home workout that targets both the arms and legs. This workout will fit in your living room and won’t bother your downstairs neighbors either. Press play and follow along as Sadie leads you through a series of moves to tone arms and legs while working your core too.

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Of course working out with barbells and dumbbells is awesome but sometimes you can’t get to the gym. So here is a great alternative, a leg workout without weights. Do these 6 exercises for stronger legs!

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26 thoughts on “10-Minute Workout: Legs and Arms With Sadie Lincoln
See all details at http://www.new-weightloss-diets.com/pedex

  1. Bettie van den Bergh

    exellent exsercises, doing this at gym 4x week. i am training almost 15 years,at Virgin active, luve my work outs.

  2. Precious barrington

    my heart was beating so fast at the end.. I enjoy this  one  a lot! the blue girl never speaks its kind of scary

  3. Chanunthorn Taiwarin

    hello guys, May I ask whos know what suitable weight of dumble for beginner? This clip makes me inspiration to get firm body.😁😁

  4. Joanna Bucchi

    I took a Barre3 class once. ONCE. Imagine this same intensity for 60 mins.

  5. zzmzangelzz

    awesome! feels really good on the weight lifting . my muscles aew sore. thank you! great workout !

  6. DankStuff 101

    If u wanna get a calf workout, just get on ur tippy toes over and over really fast. Its a really intense workout.

  7. Robin Rob

    Is Clegenatur Methods helpful to increase your cup size? I have read many good stuff about Clegenatur Methods (look on google search engine).

  8. The Pursuit of Happiness

    Who is doing this with kids climbing over them in front room??? lolz ME!

  9. Craig Edwards

    Great leg workout for outside the gym ,sometimes training in a gym is not the way to go & can in reality slow you down or even stop you training, resistance machines have their place but they tend to isolate muscles so your Core & Stabilisation muscles are not engaged , thanks for this

  10. LtownLord

    Sorry for the dumb question but, would these workouts make someone run faster?


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